Aircrew Support

Aircrew support

In their forthcoming guidelines, EASA will recommend that airlines provide support networks for aircrew. As qualified and experienced clinical and aviation psychologists we are active in offering a range of psychological support services to aircrew, including:
  • post-incident debriefing and support
  • education on mental health and wellbeing
  • redundancy support
  • individual assessment
  • individual therapeutic interventions
  • cross-referral to other agencies
  • advice on the implementation of pilot peer support networks
  • training for pilots volunteering in a peer support network
  • clinical governance for an operator's PSP

As each operator has different requirements we will provide this as a bespoke service and look to work with you to develop the best way forward for you.

CAA Pilot Support Notice
Pilot Support
Pilot Support Workshop

Please visit our blog entry for a report on our recent pilot support practical workshop that was attended by a number of operators.

Contact us here if you would like further information about a future session, or if you would like an in-house bespoke workshop.

Aviation mental health and wellbeing

We have a tried and tested awareness presentation on mental health and wellbeing in the aviation setting. It has been delivered to aircrew, engineers and operations support staff at bases in the UK and The Netherlands. It covers the background to mental health issues in aviation, common mental disorders and what people can do to get help and support each other. It meets the requirements of the CAA Pilot Support notice for a workplace educational programme on mental wellbeing awareness.
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