EASA puts forward new rules for air operations

  • by Paul Dickens
  • 09 Dec, 2016

Pilot mental fitness

EASA published today a proposal to the European Commission on new operational rules to better support pilot mental fitness. EASA’s proposal is part of its Action Plan following the Germanwings Flight 9525 accident .

Released in a document known as an Opinion ( Opinion 14/2016 ) , the proposals include the following new requirements:

  • Ensuring that all pilots have access to a support programme ;
  • Mandating airlines to perform a psychological assessment of pilots before the start of employment;
  • Introducing systematic Drug & Alcohol (D&A) testing of flight and cabin crew upon employment, after a serious incident or accident, with due cause (i.e. following reasonable suspicion), as well as
  • Unannounced D&A testing after rehabilitation and return to work;
  • As an additional safety barrier for airlines which are not already subject to a national programme for psychoactive substance testing: mandatory random alcohol screening of flight and cabin crew within the EU RAMP inspection programme .

These requirements are contained in the so-called Air OPS Implementing Rules. The proposed rules have been subject to consultation with all stakeholders concerned. As part of a total system approach, they complement the proposals EASA issued in August of this year , on the update of medical requirements for pilots (Part-MED).

The proposals address relevant safety recommendations made after the Flight 9525 accident by the EASA-led Task Force, as well as by the French Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA).

Next steps:

The EASA Opinion will serve as the basis for a legislative proposal by the European Commission in the course of 2017. To support the implementation of the new rules, EASA has prepared draft guidance material (so-called Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material - AMC/GM), annexed to the Opinion. The final AMC/GM will be published when the new rules have been adopted by the Commission.

High Flying Psychologists

by Paul Dickens 01 Sep, 2017
We've made a few tweaks to the Core Aviation Psychology website, and have been analysing our web traffic over the month of August. One of our best months to date as we've had 554 visitors from 52 countries! A lot of these came after our LinkedIn post about support programmes for aerospace engineers, something we'll be speaking about at the CIEHF conference this November.
by Paul Dickens 22 Aug, 2017
We are pleased that Christine Farrell has become associated with Core Aviation Psychology. She brings extensive experience as both a commercial helicopter pilot and an organisational psychologist, and strengenths our unrivalled capability in providing psychological services to the rotary-wing sector.
by Paul Dickens 14 Aug, 2017
The recent initiatives on pilot mental health are welcome, and there is a need for similar approaches to the mental health and wellbeing of the real heroes of aviation - the engineers. Please read our paper on ourwebsite Information page.
by Paul Dickens 06 Aug, 2017
That's the first page of our most recent article that appears in the Summer edition of ROTOR magazine ( www.rotor.org) . We'll post a copy here later in the year.
by Paul Dickens 30 Jul, 2017
We've updated the Information page on our website. Click MORE ´╗┐ at the top right of the main page, then ´╗┐Information ´╗┐. On that page you will find downloadable copies of research papers we have presented recently on the psychological characteristics of helicopter pilots and on pilot mental health and support, together with details of the conferences and seminars where we have presented during the last few years.
by Paul Dickens 21 Jul, 2017
The UK Government published this paper today calling for views on a new strategy for aviation covering a number of areas. It can be downloaded from https://aviationstrategy.campaign.gov.uk/ , and comments are sought from all interested groups.
by Paul Dickens 18 Jul, 2017
We are pleased to say that Paul Dickens will be presenting at the Human Factors in Aviation Safety event hosted by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, taking place at LGW on the 13th and 14th November. The topic will be Big 5 personality factors and safety in aerospace engineers.
by Paul Dickens 12 Jul, 2017
A reminder of the skills of North Sea pilots. A lot of our work is the psychological assessment of pilots for North Sea operations


by Paul Dickens 26 Jun, 2017
Our article of that name is published in the latest edition of Focus, the UK Flight Safety Committee's official publication. We will post a copy on here shortly.
by Paul Dickens 13 Jun, 2017
Next week we will be in Den Helder, Holland, giving our presentations on mental health and wellbeing to aircrew at the CHC base.
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