High flying psychologist!

  • By Paul Dickens
  • 22 Oct, 2016
This is a picture of me taking my first flying lesson in a Robinson R22 belonging to Wings for Warriors. Great fun!

High Flying Psychologists

By Paul Dickens 21 Jul, 2017
The UK Government published this paper today calling for views on a new strategy for aviation covering a number of areas. It can be downloaded from https://aviationstrategy.campaign.gov.uk/ , and comments are sought from all interested groups.
By Paul Dickens 18 Jul, 2017
We are pleased to say that Paul Dickens will be presenting at the Human Factors in Aviation Safety event hosted by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, taking place at LGW on the 13th and 14th November. The topic will be Big 5 personality factors and safety in aerospace engineers.
By Paul Dickens 12 Jul, 2017
A reminder of the skills of North Sea pilots. A lot of our work is the psychological assessment of pilots for North Sea operations


By Paul Dickens 26 Jun, 2017
Our article of that name is published in the latest edition of Focus, the UK Flight Safety Committee's official publication. We will post a copy on here shortly.
By Paul Dickens 13 Jun, 2017
Next week we will be in Den Helder, Holland, giving our presentations on mental health and wellbeing to aircrew at the CHC base.
By Paul Dickens 08 Jun, 2017
We held our open practical workshop on Pilot Support at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Stansted Airport this week, in the wake of the CAA IN issued earlier this year. Participants came from a number of operators, including AirTanker, DHL Air, Eastern Airways, Jet2, PDG Helicopters and Titan Airways. We looked in detail at the background to the issue of pilot support, including the incidence of mental health issues in pilots and the relationship to accidents and safety, and the content of the EASA Opinion, IN-2017/005 and the EPPSI Best Practice Guidelines. Some time was spent defining what support means, the key skills required and the different forms it can take, both professional and peer. After lunch we looked at the practical requirements for setting up a programme and participants worked in groups on how they will take this forwards. We aim to hold a further session later in the year once the EASA Regulation has been issued. If you would like further information, or an in-house similar workshop then please contact us here.
By Paul Dickens 31 May, 2017
There are still some places left at our workshop next week. If you would like to join colleagues from fixed and rotary wing operators in working on this important topic, then please sign up at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pilot-support-a-practical-workshop-registration-34315076317
By Paul Dickens 02 May, 2017
Yes that's me on my first lesson in the R22. On May 17th I will be speaking at the BHA Safety Day in Oxford on Single Pilot CRM - focussing on external and internal pressures to fly on single crew operations. A copy of the paper will be poster here after the event, and details of the event are available from http://www.britishhelicopterassociation.org/2nd-helicopter-safety-culture-seminar-17th-may/
By Paul Dickens 19 Apr, 2017
We're really taking off here at Core Aviation Psychology (sorry!). We've been busy carrying out psychological assessments of pilots and engineers at ABZ, as well as assessing pilots for Titan Airways at STN and having discussions about pilot support with PDG helicopters at INV. In the next weeks we have meetings with Eastern Airways at HUY, Jet2.com at LBA and DHL Air at EMA , and soon will be delivering our aviation mental health and wellbeing presentations for CHC Helicopters in ABZ. We also will be part of consultations on pilot mental health for ICAO, and are contributing to a forthcoming conference at OXF where we will be speaking about "Pressure to Fly" in the rotary-wing sector.
By Paul Dickens 30 Mar, 2017
Titan Airways specialises in short notice ACMI and wet lease operations as well as ad-hoc passenger and cargo charter services to tour operators, corporations, governments and the sports and entertainment sectors and is based at Stansted Airport.We are delighted to have been asked to provide aircrew psychological assessment services and are in discussion about pilot support services .
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